Character Creation


A man approaches you from the shadows hands you a seal with two horses facing a sword, it’s handle lies in the bottom right and the blade goes diagonally to the left. You open the letter.

Dear Ser or Madame

I write you in great distress. I am in need of your specific talents to advance my house, House Rothwell. Come to Yalen and join me and my house.

Vance Rothwell


Welcome to Calradia. You play the role of a person living in the world of Calradia answering the summons of Vance Rothwell a relatively unheard of person as far as you know. There are many positions and roles of a house that need to be filled. Check out House Rothwell for more information on the house and what possible positions you can be. Even if you don’t see a position that you think would work, ask Chaotish if it is possible.

Character Creation Process

Character Creation

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