House Rothwell

“Ride to Battle, Ride to Victory” – Motto

House Rothwell is a new house to Calradia formed through an uprising in Yalen. Where a Swadia supported insurgency overthrew Lord Gutlans and took over the area. Because of the uprising, there is still a bit of lawlessness in the realm. Between bandits and rebels the realm is in no short supply of enemies.

Position Name
Lord Vance Rothwell
Lady Aneth Rothwell
Heir NPC
Heir NPC
Steward NPC
Castellan Open
Spy Master Open
Marshal Open
Maester Open
Septon Open
Man at Arms Open
Master of Horse Open
Master of the Hunt Open
Vassel Knights Open
Other Hired Men Open

In addition to positions in House Rothwell there is a demand for bannerlords and landed knights to maintain House Rothwell’s lands.

Fiefs Type Owner
Estrosq Castle Open
Maras Castle Open
Dunmar Village Open
Epeshe Village Open
Glunmar Village Open
Ilvia Village Open
Istiniar Village Open
Reveran Village Open

House Rothwell

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